October 18th-19th 2013 Medellín

call for proposals is closed


We are very honored to have many out of town guests join us for JSConf.co in Medellin. It is for such reason, that we have negotiated conference rate at the following hotels.  We have chosen these hotels for their positive reviews, colombian-rich ambience, location, free wi-fi and best value. All hotels are within two to four blocks.


Price for colombian residentsPrice for foreigners/non-resident colombians*
(includes VAT, hotel insurance & breakfast)(includes hotel insurance & breakfast)
Diez HotelCOP$197.000COP$176.900(est. US$93)
Acqua HotelCOP$ 118.654COP$102.800(est. US$54)
Hotel Poblado BoutiqueCOP$110.000COP$95.000(est. US$50)
Hotel NaturaCOP$95.600COP$85.700(est. US$45)


You may email or call to complete the reservations. Make sure to mention the promo conference code for the best rate.


* If you are a foreigner or non-resident colombian, you are exempt from paying 16% VAT charged on hotel reservations. You should not be charged VAT on your hotel night, and please make sure when checking in this is referenced as well as booking. Of course, any other services you take on at your hotel will be charged at the corresponding VAT rate. If you want to read more about this, you may find more information in deeper detail at Actualicese, one of Colombia's top accounting and taxes online resources (sorry it's in spanish).

If you have any further hotel questions, email us at [email protected] See you on October 18!